Yes, I'm well aware - my Instagram feed is rife with pics and details of the ins and outs of good ol' ATL. That's understandable. For the most part, it feels like ages since I've posted on ADR, with fashion month already having said its goodbyes and everyone returning to the usual tumult of the fall season. Since I love you all (the readers) so much, I decided to break away from my usual posting routine (no reviews for the moment) to highlight the biggest, most absorbing and all-encompassing events of October - through my eyes of course. Jump in to see the latest! 
I'm a tailor now! Well, almost. What I'm actually doing is making (moderate) alterations to trousers that I've thrifted from the past month. My OOTDs on Instagram and Tumblr have probably been seen by many, but have you seen the details that make each look? Peep the pics below.
Moto-inspired look from Oct. 10
I have an insane fascination with this silk belt - it happens to be from Old Navy :)
It's looks great against these charcoal Nordstrom trousers right? 

The process goes as follows (roughly anyway): 1) With careful measuring, I cut off the desired length of pant from the hem (horizontally). What's the point of having a great fit if the pant is too long?. 2)Turning the trouser inside out,  I make several traces along each leg, marking the areas with which I plan to cut off later. 3) By hand (and by far the MOST time consuming endeavor on earth), I take thread to the pant from the hem, all the way up onto the ankle or (if I so choose) to the outer edge of the pocket. 4) With the final stitch in place, the project is completed when I cut the excess fabric from the entirety. I totally forgot to post pics of what the pants looked like before, but I'll save that for another date. More pics below.
Yesterday - Oct. 24. My "comfy" interpretation of an urban trad.
I believe that the greatest looks (for both genders anyway) have balanced elements of surprising detail and personal flair.  Yet again, the Old Navy belt makes a cameo - it's crazy versatile, especially against this striped oxford of mine. 

I would assume that most of you all are quite enamored with prints like I am, which works out well if you're in London today. There's a fabric sale of sample rolls and similar accouterments at 10 in the am (early, I know), but the promise of good food and music should take the edge off. Plus, it's Peter Jensen - check that shit out!  

I'd be a blockhead if I failed to mention Margiela's collab with H&M that dropped a few days ago. Glamour seems to have already outpaced me on the news but it's nonetheless exciting : Margiela x H&M items are already finding their way onto Ebay. Don't believe me? Peep this link and if your trigger finger manages to slip, I (would) hope that you're under the "Buy It Now" option :)
Also for your convenience: Styleite's entry on the collections full lookbook can be seen here

I'd like to thank you all (the readers) for all of the support - mostly derived from Instagram :). It's so very great in any respect and it really (truly) does mean a lot to me on the feedback that I receive regarding content and the blog overall. Next month will mark one full year of blogging on A Disheveled Refinement, which is surprising - we'll see how things turn out when that date comes. Again, the support is so appreciated! 
Take care! 

UP NEXT: Review: Burberry Prorsum RTW + "Self-Mades" Entry 1


  1. Mouthwash said...
    Great post! A fun read, and it's awesome that you're dabbling in tailoring. I often tailor my boyfriend's undershirts (and turn them into my dresses).

    It's amazing what needle and thread can do!

    Loved your post.

    Shauna said...
    wow, that's a lot of work, you are super creative.

    luvin' the casual-cool look and
    the LV bag.
    Anonymous said...
    My new favourite blog. Danie Vanier
    Terrance Demons said...
    Thank you all bunches! I'm really trying out as many new things as I can handle haha. Glad you enjoyed it!
    Asia Monique said...
    Terrance! Its crazy how I've found your blog, but nonetheless this is fabulous. Great post darling.

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